We have deep experience in acquiring and financing major public-private partnership (P3) transportation infrastructure assets, combined with our proprietary, highly developed active asset management process. Our structure allows for greater efficiency, clarity and delivery of truly value-added results, as many others in our sector typically split the functions for asset acquisition and asset management. Our team brings to bear the detailed knowledge of the asset's underlying value drivers gained through the due diligence process to provide assurance that the underlying project assumptions are achieved as forecast.

After leading industry pioneering companies in the sector, having been involved in more than 60 transactions and subsequently serving on portfolio company boards, the team enjoys unparalleled access to and experience dealing with key decision makers in infrastructure and government. Senior members of our team are frequent speakers at industry conferences and are recognized as thought leaders as evidenced by their involvement with academic/industry journals and trade publications. The team's expertise and relationships benefit CCR USA partners through identification of other co-investors and unique structures and angles to approach investment opportunities. It is the quality and depth of these industry relationships that provides unique access to investment opportunities that CCR USA brings to its partners.

The team's deep industry knowledge and experience is a significant competitive advantage in transactions. This advantage includes combining direct investing experience with industry best practices to target the areas of opportunity and risk in each of the key value drivers of an asset. A key part of this approach is that our workstream leaders during the due diligence phase continue to work in that capacity/functional area throughout the transition and investment cycle as a part of the asset management team. This approach is essential in realizing the full potential of investments and driving desired results.

The team understands that a successful transition is key for delivering deal value early on. Integrating systems and culture while implementing the building blocks of the investment plan are essential for the investment's longer term success. The team has successfully managed dozens of transitions, including public (government) to private transactions.

The team has considerable experience financing complex infrastructure projects around the world, including strong relationships with lenders.

The team's approach to financing includes the following:

  • Providing a tailored solution to meet the objectives of the project and investors
  • Establishing a prudent capital structure that minimizes risk while delivering value to the project's investors
  • Structuring a financing with a clear understanding of the project's risks and mitigants
  • Actively managing the financing process and communication with key stakeholders
  • Monitoring the capital structure post-financing and actively seeking optimal refinancing opportunities

Value is delivered and created through active asset management of the investments. The team's asset management framework is organized along the asset's key value drivers and staffed by professionals with industry experience who understand the unique opportunities and angles that increase the asset's value.

To drive value, the asset management team focuses on the following areas:

  • Traffic development and marketing
  • Commercial development
  • Operational costs (opex)
  • Capital projects (capex)
  • Risk management
  • Financing and capital structure
  • Leadership and performance management