CCR USA brings a robust set of tools to the table and will work with you to understand your vision and priorities as we shape your airport for future growth and success.  

CCR is a long-term balance investor and operator.  CCR USA brings a unique approach to innovative private partnerships with airport owners.  We know every airport is different and we will work closely with airport stakeholders to develop structures that will meet the vision and priorities of the airport and its community. 

The CCR Airport Division has significant experience developing and managing the design, construction, and management of airport facilities, ranging from single passenger terminals to greenfield capital city airports.  The Airport Division currently serves over 22 million passengers annually at our four airports:  

Belo Horizonte International Airport (CNF)
New Quito International Airport (UIO) 
San Jose International Airport (SJO)
Curacao International Airport (CUR) 

Through our partnership, your team will have access to a global network of aviation professionals and experience, ready and willing to help you achieve your long-term goals.

We bring decades-long industry experience to assist with a full-spectrum of operational efforts. Our relationships with relevant public agencies and airlines will bolster your credibility and provide a significant engine for economic development for the airport and the surrounding region.

Our approach to airport development is to first develop a Strategic Business Plan which is complementary with the Airport Master Plan.  The Strategic Business Plan incorporates CCR’s best practices and know-how to ensure the financial performance of the airport over a given period of time exceeds the results it might otherwise achieve if investments are made solely on the Master Plan. In a Strategic Business Plan approach to airport planning and operations, the Master Plan falls out of the Strategic Plan.

Unlike other operators in the airport sector, CCR is a technology innovator with a cross-divisional capability with over 15,000 in-house employees who work across three classes of transportation infrastructure – airports, roads, and urban mobility. As a partner, we bring this wealth of technology and innovation to our projects.

As an additional asset, the CCR Airport Division portfolio includes Total Airport Services.

Total Airport Services (TAS) operates at airports across the North American market, providing cargo warehousing, ramp handling for cargo / passenger flights, passenger services, and tower control. TAS employs over 1000 employees across the US and, in 2019, handled 357 million kg of cargo and served over 5 million passengers. TAS is the recipient of the Lufthansa Warehouse of the Year Award, China Eastern Station of the Year Award, and a repeat winner of the Spirit Station of the Year award. For more information on Total Airport Services, visit

The team has considerable experience financing complex infrastructure projects around the world, including strong relationships with lenders.

The team's approach to financing includes the following:

  • Providing a tailored solution to meet the objectives of the project and investors
  • Establishing a prudent capital structure that minimizes risk while delivering value to the project's investors
  • Structuring a financing with a clear understanding of the project's risks and mitigants
  • Actively managing the financing process and communication with key stakeholders
  • Monitoring the capital structure post-financing and actively seeking optimal refinancing opportunities

Value is delivered and created through active asset management of the investments. The team's asset management framework is organized along the asset's key value drivers and staffed by professionals with industry experience who understand the unique opportunities and angles that increase the asset's value.

To drive value, the asset management team focuses on the following areas:

  • Traffic development and marketing
  • Commercial development
  • Operational costs (opex)
  • Capital projects (capex)
  • Risk management
  • Financing and capital structure
  • Leadership and performance management